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VIPAR is presenting the bicycle of the future at the Eurobike! 

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The only electrical feature was the lighting until recently. A status that will soon be a thing of the past!

VIPAR is presenting the first e-bike with Smartphone control at Eurobike 2011. In cooperation with the German bicycle manufacturer, Bionicon, an electrical model has been developed that can easily be operated with the mobile phone. The cyclist can call up information such as range, battery charge status or the route conveniently on his display, or use his Smartphone as a normal tachometer. Further comfortable functions such as electronic switching and braking as well as adjustable spring systems, cameras or individual stress level are already waiting in the wings.

The challenge is in the data generation and their evaluation. The aim is to create an input and control function for the cyclist that will maximise his riding comfort, his riding pleasure and his training success. 

To be independent of manufactures and the applied Smartphone operating system, access is provided with the invariably existent mobile web browser per WLAN onto a web server that in integrated in the electronics of the bike. In this way, the user can freely select his Smartphone, exchange it or revert to a notepad or the PC for the evaluation of tours, for example.

VIPAR is in possession of a totally new development paradigm which allows the integration of flexible und complex network mechanisms with low development expenditure and consequently a very brief time-to-market in virtually all electronic devices. Besides the complete VIPAR Chip, the contained IP can also be licensed for integration in its own application- specific, integrated circuits (ASIC): the prerequisite for use in cost-effective mass production.