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Vipar is setting new standards in patient care.

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VIPAR solutions facilitate patient supervision, simplify diagnosis and improve the level of service in hospitals, laboratories and for manufacturers of medicinal devices. 

The increasing quality demands and the pressure of costs for the healthcare companies are crying out for new solutions. Insurance companies are demanding more and more specific reports. Patients are complaining about the bad care. VIPAR is offering the solution! 

The networking of medicinal devices guarantees a sustainable and reliable service and is highly efficient at the same time. It enables an automated and centralised collection of the entire data, standardised reporting and can be made available for different authorised groups of persons, without the need to share a common operating system.  

This enables round the clock patient monitoring and geriatric care.

You have access to a central database and will thus retain an overview. Per real-time access, for example, all patients in the hospital can be monitored from one single room: per PC, Tablet or Smartphone. The data can be inspected, sorted an selected or even be sent directly to the corresponding insurance companies – naturally in accordance with the relevant safety and security standards, which must be maintained by means of a smart system. 

VIPAR can also help to enhance the on-time of the device by means of an integrated monitoring and remote diagnostic function. In this way system failures can be prevented or even repaired via remote access, without having to call a service technician to attend the site.