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A phone that is smart.

VIPAR Technology is revolutionising the mobile phone branch.

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Our life can no longer be imagined without Smartphones and portable devices. In modern web applications they are increasingly replacing the classical HMI and serving as configuration, monitoring and /or as analytical instruments. Whereas the classical application of an App is limited, the VIPAR approach of an embedded web application of device independent, flexibly configurable and software freedom is the way into the future.

HMIs should be designed to be user-friendly and modern, correspond to the corporate design of the manufacturer and require low system resources. The VIPAR embedded web server allows the administration of compressed (ZIP) resources. After all, there are a lot of statistical data in web user-interfaces, such as designing elements, formatting, auxiliary texts and scripts. These data can be compressed to save resources on the embedded system (e.g. in the Controller OM). 

The integrated browser and system detection enables the detection of the web client in the web server and the adaptation of the transmitted data. For example, a mobile phone can be reduced to the display dimensions and the mobile data transmission.

The VIPAR Embedded Web Server requires fewer resources and offers an extremely low reaction time. The functional extent is flexibly scalable for a vast variety of application areas. The web server can generate dynamic HTML pages, whose content is generated in real time from the data on the device. State-of-the-art web technologies like Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), Javascript and XHTML are supported. With the SEVENSTAX AJAX framework, process data can be requested from the web browser even after the downloading of the website – highly dynamically and efficiently.

Contents of the Web Application can be selectively furnished with user rights. The Web Application thus inherits all the other skills of the "Display" (e.g. Smartphone), such as communication channels (GSM, GPRS, UMTS, GPS, Bluetooth). A high-quality display is expensive and involves a great deal of expenditure. If the display is provided (and the above mentioned interfaces) the actual device will distinctly cheaper. In a product with rigid firmware, new SW product features reach the customer late and are usually involved with additional costs. The Web Application, on the other hand, can be flexibly updated at any time. So we can offer you firmware updates as well as the remote maintenance.