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VIPAR Internet Chips facilitate remote access to laboratory equipment and its maintenance.

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Modern laboratory devices are presented with very many complex challenges today, for example, the individual configuration, personal views and simple integration into a great variety of laboratory environments. 

More and more customers are now demanding a simple and individual adaptation to all kinds of weighing tasks, for example in the laboratory environment. There are special industrial weighers for this task. With VIPAR, individual displays and user interfaces can be generated in accordance with the device and user interfaces, which can be controlled by the user either via integrated displays or with every kind of browser-supported appliances. This could be a Smartphone, iPad or also a normal PC. 

Individual adaptation to the laboratory environment can easily be undertaken via the web application. This includes, for example, password management, audit trail function, alibi memory, warning functions, calibration / adjustment function isoCAL, simple cleaning, individual interfaces, organisation of time and event-controlled campaigns, but also instructions and output texts can be generated individually. The VIPAR user interfaces can be set up intuitively and designed for easy operation – even in the case of complicated weighing processes. 

VIPAR offers a high-quality communication concept due to the great variety of integrated network protocols. In this way VIPAR guarantees besides a run-time remote access to all data of laboratory weighers, also further options such as remote maintenance and also firmware updates. Furthermore, the laboratory weighers can be fully integrated into an indiviudal laboratory network and even exchange date with other devices or react and respond to situations.