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Raise the curtain – the show is beginning.

VIPAR is presenting a new generation of light control.

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With VIPAR, attractive, interactive user interfaces can be positioned on the display any the programs you want generated.

Colourful and user friendly displays with graphics and images permit maximum intuitive operation in many application areas such as living environments, trade fail stands, studios and practically any lighting and multimedia installations.

Multimedia today means interactive lighting design combined with acoustics, curtained effects and other mobile objects. All these elements can be combined via a VIPAR Internet-Chip. Additive colour mixing, zoom, focus, moveable light machines, effect wheels, Gobos, dimmers, shutters, vents etc. All these features are the elements that make a show perfect.

Via a VIPAR Web Application, any desired patterns of movement (e.g. circles, sinus waves, triangles, random etc.) can easily be created and mutually linked or saved and downloaded from a server. For all these effect patterns, the type, size, speed and phase can be modified according to desire to generate different waves and incidental patterns aromatically and to reproduce the configured channels.  

Dynamic stroboscopic effects, blind or colour changes can be achieved via running chasers and programs. With a VIPAR Internet Chi, all kinds of browser supported devices, such as a mobile phone, PC or tablet can be used for the control and configuration. Unauthorised access is easily prevented via safety mechanisms. In this way, both unsupervised situations as well as Live controlled operations like in clubs and discos can be realised perfectly. 

Simple linking media can then be used to control musicians or LJ light shows easily via Midi Synthesizer or keyboards. VIPAR can therefore aid in the creation of a network, add devices or configure new devices, or make an existing network more accessible or controllable without the need for installation of software or special expertise. The user interfaces created with VIPAR can be rapidly and easily adapted to the respective requirements at any time and with mobility set up on a fixed location. 

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