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VIPAR LED Systems.

Extraordinary effects can be achieved today by light design thanks to RGB Control and LED technology. Facades of old buildings, bridge constructions and modern architecture can be placed in the limelight so skilfully that interesting and alternating advertising banners, neon signs or also display boards can be designed.

In bars, beauty salons or in businesses, light can be consciously employed to invoke emotions, or to create an atmosphere or to attract attention. But a complex control and automation solution is required for the matching ambience. 

A VIPAR Internet Chip is the optimal solution for a flexible, rapidly adapting light decoration – best including remote control. The control centre is fitted with an IPAR Internet-Chip and attractive, interactive user interfaces can be positioned on the display of the user interface at one via a great variety of output devices. This could be your own Smartphone or the PC. This saves money because no further devices have to be procured, but it also reduces the installation expenditure and enables high resolution displays, which guide your simply and extensively through the application cases. The installation can be carried out by non professional personnel. 

Colourful and user-friendly displays with graphic and images allow maximum intuitive operation. This flexible form of control is extremely useful in many areas of application such as in living environments, exhibition stands, studios and practically all lighting and multimedia installations. Patterns and fixed programs can be generated simply and speedily. Light projects can be accomplished individually and without programming via a simple web interface or web application. The remote maintenance function or the automatic failure messaging guarantees a continuous appealing lighting, rapid fault detection and rectification.

Display boards or advertising banners can likewise be controlled interactively – at all times and from any location. Easily per remote control via mobile phone or PC. And if indiviudal LEDS should actually fail, this is communicated to the exhibitor at once. Colour options can then be selected via remote access, setting such as brightness adjustments or timers can be made or alternating texts can be fed in. Complete flexibility without complicated software components. The exhibitor can easily perform the implementation and adaptations himself.