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The morning coffee will become the coffee of tomorrow.

VIPAR is revolutionising automatic coffee machines and enabling remote maintenance.

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The demands that an automatic coffee machine has to fulfil are high: it should function automatically, be easy to operate, consume little energy, should be rapidly useable, self-cleaning and low-maintenance. VIPAR guarantees, besides these functions, the remote maintenance by the manufacturer, thus saving time, money and work. 

At a push of a button, the beans are freshly ground and the coffee is prepared according to the personal preference of every user. The amount of water, the fineness of grinding and the quantity of coffee powder are flexibly adjustable while the design and cost-efficient production are convincing. As far as in these aspects, the VIPAR automatic coffee machine is not distinguishable from other machines.

The secret is in the menu control: With an integrated VIPAR Internet-Chip, a Smartphone serves as a HMI. The coffee is selected (additionally) via the mobile phone display, the notepad or the PC. 

In this way, many additional features can be integrated and operation can be accomplished in a self-explanatory, animated fashion or personally pre-programmed via a comfortable and sophisticated colour display that can involve the remote control of the machine.  This is not only helpful in avoiding the heat-up phases of the machine, but also the cleaning can be performed at times when you do not necessarily have to be standing beside the machine. VIPAR Internet-Chips also help to save energy: The machine does not require a display which would consume additional energy. The machine can easily be switched off without incurring irritating waiting periods as it can be switched on via remote control in good time. This is good for the environment and for your wallet! Moreover, the VIPAR Internet-Chip enables remote maintenance, saving the manufactured costs for shipment and the maintenance service and promising the end customer more comfort.