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Clean performance.

In the schoolyard, the caretaker has his eyes everywhere. With a VIPAR based facility management system, he won´t miss anything anymore.

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Whoever said that  large office buildings also must pay large maintenance bills? With VIPAR you will be controlling especially efficient devices, which consume electricity. Moreover, administration with VIPAR offers the possibility to employ the facility manager more efficiently and lots more.

With the great variety and diversity of the numerous office devices, it is difficult to reach them all on foot and to check them. A smart network inside the building will enable the reduction of security personnel and simultaneously allow them to work more efficiently and reliably.

In this manner energy and personnel costs can be saved to a major extent, but security and safety in the building is increased at the same time – due to building automation even from a central location. A remote maintenance option signals defective devices, locates them and rectifies the defects per remote diagnosis.  

A further highlight: With VIPAR, devices can be made to be network capable and, at Theo same time, access is obtained to almost all the data on these devices, leading to a Smart Office.

VIPAR can serve to enable different existing systems in the building to be remotely controlled or maintenance tasks to be organised. In the worst case scenario, the relevant service personnel can be connected immediately through the network. The personnel can then analyse and often rectify the fault via e-mail or direct access. One single person can easily operate, configure and control the following systems at the same time:


  • Security systems
  • Heating systems
  • HVAC
  • Lighting
  • Elevators
  • Fire protection an safety systems
  • Electrical and water metering equipment
  • Building access systems