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Web-Based Maintenance

With VIPAR you can enable web-based remote maintenance and as a result save costs and reduce downtime

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Nowadays, Maintenance staff doesnt have to be on-site. The Internet acts as central medium for remote maintenance, remote monitoring and remote control also in the environment of automation technology. Nowadays there sufficient options of designing a secure application of the Internet. 

The offering of safe and secure remote services gives manufacturers of machines and production plants a huge potential of additional maintenance services. VIPAR Technology enables a "Plug-n-Protect" solution, which can be integrated into plants and machines.

Expensive dial-up connections will be replaced by the more cost-effective use of the Internets. Besides the considerable improvement in security, IP-based remote maintenance connections supply a significantly higher bandwidth than the conventional modem connection. Many data, ranging to the transmission of video information, for example in divided monitoring systems can be transmitted via a broadband connection in the rapid Internet. The secured remote maintenance is of decisive significance in this case. 

All over the world, service technicians have to reach the productions systems in an uncomplicated and cost –effective and above all secure manner. VIPAR solutions are easily integrated and compatible with every system and do not required any alterations to the configuration – neither in the plant nor in the machine system or in the network. Communication channels can be set up externally or set up to connect the product plant actively to the service technician.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Reduction of the total cost of ownership (TCO), operating and administration costs for the manufacturer and operators of the services systems.
  • Fewer costly local maintenance assignments, as the significant configurations and the installation of extensive patches is accomplished "remote".
  • Embedding of mobile service technicians and suppliers via a central technician gateway or service portal.