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VIPAR is creating the security concept of the future.

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Watching what is happening at home all the time and everywhere. Switching lights on from your holiday location. Activating the alarm system per mobile phone: that is all possible today! VIPAR Internet Chips provide wireless burglary protection and a world wide access to house systems and alarm systems via Internet.

Even today, alarm systems can wirelessly protect your house from burglaries, fire and water damage. With VIPAR you will even be warned per SMS, phone or e-mail. Because VIPAR Internet Chips make alarm systems easily configurable an accessible via the Internet: for example, per mobile phone.

It is easy to establish whether everything at home is OK from any location. Via the configurable VIPAR Web Application, extensions and changes can be carried out and devices added. 

If the alarm system should fail, an automatic message will be generated directly to the responsible service. Just like with all other important status messages or other system information. 

Many faults can be prevented or rectified per remote maintenance, a fact that leads to a reduction in maintenance costs together with enhanced reliability. Per remote maintenance, authorised service technicians can easily determine and repair defects without having to visit the site. 

VIPAR alarm systems are offered at reasonable prices and do not require any complicated software modules that must be integrated and configured. The basic prerequisite in a functional Internet connection. If this connection should fail, the security will continue to be ensured via a smart system design. 

The installation is simple, it does not involve any drilling or cable routing – only an Internet connection is required. The often so irksome limitation to a tiny 7-segment display is no longer necessary. Speedy innovative servcies are offered via server solutions or Cloud Services and a choice of as many servcies as you want embedded or also neighbours.