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Perfect climate.

With VIPAR, wine connoisseurs and lovers of cigars will benefit from smart climatic cabinets which automatically adapt the air humidity as well as the temperature. 

Cigar and wine lovers know the care they owe their sensitive darlings. If the enjoyment of a cigar or a glass of wine is to be perfected, a consistent environment of optimum temperature and humidity is required. With VIPAR, the ambitious home cellar master, but also the smart gastronome can secure constant quality and control. With VIPAR, consistent and traceable optimum storage conditions can be achieved from the beginning till the end. 

For example, beginning with the purchase, the appropriate settings can be made and the goods „checked in”. Temperature zones can be consistently checked and adjusted – also remotely via the PC or the Smartphone. Every wine connoisseur knows how critical it can be to achieve the optimised temperature. If it is too warm, the aging process will be accelerated and uncontrollable. A harmonious ripening process will no longer take place. On the other hand, if the storage temperature is too cold, wine scale will be formed. The development will be inhibited and the tartaric acid will be deposited in crystalline form.

But that is not all: the humidity must also be continuously controlled and adjusted if necessary. 

If it is too dry, liquid will evaporate through the cork. Air penetrates the bottle, the wine ages in an uncontrolled manner and oxidises. But if it is too humid, the labels will become mouldy and illegible. Fungi could also form on the corks.

An important feature that is not often thought about is the lighting. UV radiation from the sun has a decomposing effect on wine. Wine must be stored in a dark location. VIPAR is creating the best environment for your wine. Besides the constant access and the self-explanatory possibility to easily make all necessary settings, adjustments and controls, VIPAR enables the user to receive operating instructions or error messages with the additional information of how to rectify the error directly per e-mail. If customer service should be required, VIPAR enables simple remote access and detailed information to your appliance and the cause of the disturbance and can react especially quickly and efficiently. And last but not least, you can also present your selection to your friends during dinner via PC or mobile phone and prepare the enjoyment of the matching wine.