The VIPAR nano Board

Image - VIPAR Board Nano

The VIPAR nano board can be used as an add on board, simply connected to the existing application via standard interfaces. It has different interfaces that can be used for connection and also contains all periphery components needed for the network communication. It is compact and well priced.


  • Networking via Ethernet, USB (RNDIS / CDC-ECM) and / or WLAN
  • Storage media SD card or SPI flash
  • UART as a host interface, command interface and tunnel port
  • Application interfaces: analogue and digital inputs and outputs, PWM outputs, SPI and/or I2C
  • Upload der Web Applikation und Upload of the web application and configuration via TFTP
  • Via the EVM the portability of a VIPAR application from a nano board to another nano board can be evaluated.
  • Different nano boards which differ only in their network interface can always be replaced.
  • All nano board demo projects can also be tested on the EVM.
  • The functionality of every nano board can easily be seamlessly integrated into your own application using the documentation of the EVM.