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VIPAR was founded in May 2011. The product was created in close cooperation with distribution partners and noteworthy specialists for embedded networking protocol stacks and applications. The completely new idea is providing customers with a system solution. The first product was shown at Embedded World 2011 in Nuremburg based on an initial customer reference. The founders and partners of the company have all been involved in the industry for more than twelve years. They all have different qualifications, specifications and experience and thereby complement each other perfectly. In Arrow and Infineon VIPAR has found two noteworthy and international companies that support the idea of VIPAR and provide the basis required. A solution with VIPAR as your partner means highly integrated embedded system development and takes a revolutionary approach: cooperation and linking of hardware, software and market knowledge right from the start.

Currently VIPAR predominantly offers solutions for networking different systems, using the Internet in particular. High-quality protocol stacks — designed for embedded systems with 8...32 bit micro-controllers are integrated in close cooperation with the HW partner and are made available to the customer as a complete system.
The result is a complete network controller chip with high-quality software on a very modern hardware basis (ARM® Cortex™-M4-based XMC4000). Instead of creating and testing a system yourself, which would require a great deal of time, effort and expense, the customer can use the product and completely concentrate on adjusting it to his application, which can be done at next to no effort. This means that he has time and money to concentrate on his key competences and to shine with extended network functionality.